Quality dental treatments

The professionals that make up Bahillo Dental Polyclinic perform all kind of dental treatments. We have the training, the means and also the technique to be able to achieve the success in each one of our services.

All our treatments are personalized, before performing any intervention we explain carefully the patient what the procedure consist of and we consider all available options. At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we work with specialized professionals in all the areas, therefore, we can give the patient the most suitable solution for every moment and ailment.

Dental aesthetics

We help you to improve your smile. At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we know that having a beautiful smile is synonymous of health and helps to improve the patient's self-esteem.

What treatments are there?
Estética dental


We work with the most innovative technology to replace lost teeth and molars with osseointegrated implants. We make comfortable and 100% reliable treatments.

What methods are used?


We have in our team a highly trained maxillofacial surgeon to perform all kind of oral interventions among which we highlight: extractions, maxillary sinus elevations or implants.

In which situations is surgery done?


At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we treat all diseases related to the gums. In addition to gingivitis and halitosis, we treat periodontitis, which destroys the tooth bone until it is completely lost.

How is it done?

Anesthesia and conscious sedation

We offer the possibility to all our patients to perform all treatments by using conscious intravenous sedation so they do not notice any discomfort or pain.

What anesthesia is used?
Anestesia y sedación consciente

Conservative dentistry

The conservative dentistry manages to restore the cavity of the caries and gives back the tooth its shape and function. We act in the most conservative way to achieve the best welfare of our patients.

How is the treatment?
Odontología conservadora


Endodontics consists on a microsurgery treatment whereby the tooth is cleaned and hermetically sealed so that the bacteria which caused the pulpal necrosis cannot reproduce again.

What is a endodontics?

Pediatric Dentistry

Looking after children's teeth is a priority issue for Bahillo Dental Polyclinic. We perform both preventive and curative treatments in order to avoid problems in adulthood.

Pediatric information

TMJ Pathology

The TMJ is the joint which allows the mouth to open and close. Almost 50% of the population presents alterations in this joint, and they can cause many and very diverse discomforts.

What is ATM pathology?
Patología de la ATM

Complete oral rehabilitation

At Bahillo Dental Polyclinics we are specialists in rehabilitating complex cases, by elaborating totally personalized and individualized treatments.

In which situations is it applied?
Rehabilitación oral completa


We work in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misalignments of teeth and deformities of the jaws. We seek the proper bite of each patient.

What types are there?

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