Periodontic treatments in Santiago

What is Periodontology?

The Periodontology is the part of dentistry which is dedicated to the care of the gums. Periodontal diseases are the biggest cause of tooth loss and affect 3 out of 4 people at some time in their lifes.

Periodontal diseases are caused by bacteria which affect the gums causing, on a first stage, inflammation, bleeding (gingivitis) and halitosis (bad breath). If left untreated, these microorganisms move to the bone, destroying it, leading to periodontitis (pyorrhoea) and, over time, tooth mobility and loss.

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How is gingivitis treated?

At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we treat gingivitis with dental prophylaxis, commonly referred to as “mouth cleaning”, which is performed with a periodicity which varies from three months to one year, depending on the type of disease and the patient hygiene habits.


Periodontitis is treated performing a previous periodontal study in order to locate the areas where supporting tissues have been lost. Once this is done, we remove the bacteria in the periodontal pockets by root scaling and planning. A period of periodontal maintenance is necessary to prevent bacteria from returning to colonize the gums and get control of periodontitis in the long term. Otherwise, the disease tends to reappear after a few months.

In aggressive or advanced periodontal diseases, it is necessary to access these deep periodontal pockets through periodontal surgery. Eliminating bacteria from deep areas of difficult access and thus keeping the teeth.

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