Treatments with oral surgery

What is it about?

The oral surgery embraces each and every one of the surgical interventions performed in the mouth. At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we have a oral surgeon, who is also a dentist, therefore the kind of specialist with the best training to perform this kind of interventions, not only for his theoretical knowledge but also for his surgical skills. This is all supplemented with the best means: plasma rich in growth factors, technology and microsurgery instruments and minimally invasive surgery.

Know some case oral surgery

Plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF®-Endoret®)

Nowadays, one of the techniques that represent a revolution in medicine is the regenerative surgery. Without adding anything external and with the patient's own blood, it is possible to isolate and extract a concentrate of growth factors present in our platelets, which, when conveniently applied, will lead to a repair of the tissues in a natural way.

In our clinic we apply it almost routinely in most of the surgical treatments we perform:

  • Dental extractions, including wisdom teeth
  • Implant treatments
  • Patients with bone loss
  • Treatments for periodontal defects
  • Maxillary sinus elevations
  • Repairing injuries after the removal of cysts and tumours

The application of PRGF enables and accelerates healing, neuro-vascularization and cell regeneration. Its effectiveness in surgery is amply demonstrated, also by its effectiveness as anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic.

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