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Professional pride

At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we are very proud of all the professionals that form the team, it is a real satisfaction for us to count on a human team that combines both professionalism and a great personal attention. We are a team of dentists and auxiliary staff that strive daily in order to achieve, as far as it is humanly possible, satisfaction and success.

The practice of dentistry is not an easy task and obtaining good results is not simple. In order to achieve this, we must invest much effort, determination, technology, time, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and good mood within the team to solve each case successfully. At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we study each case in a personalized way, sharing impressions among the whole team to find the best solution and therefore, reach the expectations, both aesthetic and functional for all our patients.

Doing all that is what we like and motivates us, but it is also interesting for us that you know everything we can do for you and for your family. That’s why we thoroughly explain each patient the multiple choices they have, so we can make a decision together about the best option that suits each specific case.

We pursue excellence

All the professionals who make up Bahillo Dental Polyclinic team have as our objective the aim for clinical excellence. We take pride in keeping updated with the latest developments in dentistry, collaborating in the research and publishing results in the most prestigious journals of our specialties. Furthermore, we attend and participate regularly in courses and conferences all over the world.

Our team is very excited about the constant commitment to technical improvement. We wish to offer always the best available treatment; we would love you to be part of this pride too.

An interdisciplinary team

Our team maintains a warm and pleasant atmosphere, in an environment that seeks to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible. Our treatments are carried out in a comfortable environment, with utmost care and dedication. We always work with a strict protocol of sterilization of all the material and instruments in order to guarantee your safety.

Equipo de Policlínica Dental Bahillo

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