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In Bahillo Dental Polyclinic We are a dental clinic specialized in invisible orthodontics in Santiago de Compostela. This type of orthodontics is one of the most effective dental treatments for correcting anomalies in the position of the teeth, thus achieving a harmonious and perfect smile.

In our dental clinic we have last technology equipment for a correct diagnosis, which will lead us to choose the most effective system of transparent aligners in each case.

We will perform a scan of the entire mouth, frontal and lateral x-rays, as well as an exhaustive photographic study. With all this, we will obtain the simulation of the different stages of the treatment, so that you know before its end how it will evolve and what will be the result of your smile thanks to transparent orthodontics.

Invisible orthodontics is very comfortable, discreet, does not cause discomfort and allows proper dental hygiene.

We work with the best invisible orthodontic brands

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The invisible orthodontics Invisalign in an innovative system that combines virtual modeling software with a fast and professional manufacture of adapted splints, called "aligners", for an optimal correction of the teeth.

These types of clear aligner treatments are offered through specialized, Invisaligntrained dentists, like the ones you'll find at our dental clinic in Santiago.

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The clear aligners ClearCorrect They offer an excellent alternative to correct occlusion problems, being virtually invisible so that, for the duration of the treatment, you continue to look like you are not wearing braces.

It is a name that, after more than 12 years in the sector, continues to achieve excellent results in patients of all ages and that has remote motorization alternatives.

Ensure a good change with clear aligners

Tratamiento personalizado

Personalized treatment

Invisible orthodontic treatments are totally personalized and adapted to the patient. Your case is evaluated in detail to assess which treatment is ideal for each situation.

Máximo confort

Maximum comfort

Invisible orthodontics offers greater comfort for the user, since they can be removed manually at any time. In this way, there are no alterations in your diet or day-to-day habits.

Sin apenas molestias

With hardly any discomfort

It is a minimally annoying dental correction procedure for the patient. Both Invisalign and the ClearCorrect system are easy to use and achieve painless position correction.

Facilita la higiene bucal

Facilitates oral hygiene

Thanks to being a removable treatment, transparent orthodontics allows you to perform a simple dental. Cleaning will be the same as usual, just adding the maintenance of the splints.

Menos revisiones

Fewer reviews

Compared to conventional orthodontics, transparent dental aligners do not need such continuous monitoring of treatment. The same results are achieved, but reducing visits to the dentist.

Previsualización del resultado

Result Preview

Thanks to cutting-edge systems such as Invisalign, it is possible to preview the results of orthodontic treatment before it even begins, all thanks to having virtual modeling software.

Your transparent orthodontic treatment now from only 99€ per month

Are you worried about how much invisible orthodontics costs in Santiago? Do you want the best price without sacrificing quality? At the Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we offer you the maximum facilities. In addition to state-of-the-art systems, we offer you the option of financing your treatment from 99 per month. Call now and ask for your 1st free consultation!

In which cases is Invisalign or ClearCorrect recommended?

Using the transparent dental appliance, you can correct multiple oral problems. Beyond the mere aesthetic factor, this kind of treatment helps to put an end to dental crowding, crossbite, open bite...

The option of Invisalign or ClearCorrect will depend on the characteristics that your case shows. Through a 1st free consultation, in Bahillo Dental Polyclinic We carry out an exhaustive assessment of your case, to see what type of transparent dental aligners best meets your needs.

Problems that invisible orthodontics solves

  • Dental crowding
  • Openbite
  • Overbite
  • Cross bite
  • Diastemas
  • Aesthetic defects

What does invisible orthodontic treatment include?

Radiografía en 3D

3D radiography

In our dental clinic in Santiago we have Cone Beam Computed Tomography, used to radiographically analyze the patient's bone in 3 dimensions, thus avoiding any complication in the treatment.

Escáner Intraoral

Intraoral scanner

Using this technology, a video of the mouth is made, without having to make impressions with the pastes. This achieves maximum comfort and precision in the treatment, to record the position of the teeth in the fastest way.

Alineadores transparentes

Clear aligners

Invisible orthodontics stands out for being made up of transparent aligners, called splints. They are practically invisible and, in this way, the teeth are corrected without the appliance itself being seen. Much more aesthetic.

Revisiones periódicas

Periodic reviews

Our invisible orthodontic treatments in Santiago also have a professional follow-up, by qualified dentists. However, thanks to the facilities offered by the invisible device, the revisions are more spaced.

Opt for clear aligners. Request your first free consultation!

Aligning teeth without braces is possible. Trust the professionals at Bahillo Dental Polyclinic and benefit from the latest in invisible orthodontic systems in Santiago. Order now your1st free consultationto start the study of your case. Finance your treatment from 99 per month!

Invisible orthodontics in children

The invisible brace is also a valid alternative for the little ones. From 6-7 years (after the second dentition), it is possible to opt for this type of orthodontics, obtaining the same benefits and results as in an adult patient.

Of course, it is essential to instill in children the responsibility of this type of treatment, as well as in the dental hygiene general. A correct cleaning of the splint must be carried out, as well as being responsible for them so that they are not lost.

Our team of professional dentists are highly qualified to advise families on the best choice for your children depending on the characteristics of your case.

We solve all your doubts about invisible orthodontics

When are the results seen with Invisalign?

As a general rule, the patient will be able to perceive the first results of invisible orthodontics around the second or third month of treatment.

How long does an Invisalign or ClearCorrect treatment last?

The duration of the treatment will depend on the characteristics of each case, although generally it is possible to speak of a duration of about 18 months.

Can I eat and drink with the aligners?

The great advantage of the invisible device is that it can be removed to eat normally. This also facilitates dental hygiene.

What special care does invisible orthodontics need?

It is important to wear dental aligners during the hours prescribed by the dentist, as well as to carry out proper dental hygiene after each meal.

Check the benefits of invisible orthodontics in Santiago!

Get the smile you want without the need for classic braces. In Bahillo Dental Polyclinic We offer you a revolutionary option in dental appliances, hand-in-hand with invisible orthodontics.

Take advantage of all that state-of-the-art systems have to offer such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Start your treatment now with a 1st free consultation and the option of financing from 99€ per month.

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