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Dental caries, which almost everyone suffers, is an infectious disease caused by several factors. To treat it, at Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we use conservative dentistry, since it restores the cavity of the caries and gives the tooth back its form and function.

The evolution of dental caries affects, normally, to the pulp or nerve. The microorganisms produce the infection and inflammation of the pulp, a disease called dental pulpitis, producing a very acute pain. That pain is the reason for a large number of emergencies that in certain occasions ends up with the endodontics of the tooth. This is the most conservative way of acting, since this is how we achieve the greatest well-being of our patients.

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In this branch of dentistry, our team of professionals helps to provide the necessary knowledge to the new intake of future dentists, since they are teachers in different postgraduate courses at the University of Santiago de Compostela.

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