Use of anaesthesia and conscious sedation

Lose fear of the dentist

At Bahillo Dental Polyclinic we offer the possibility to our patients of performing the treatments with the use of conscious intravenous sedation, in order to prevent the patient from feeling pain or stress from the beginning of the surgical act and thus, achieving greater comfort. The use of anaesthesia during the procedures is always performed and controlled by an anaesthesiologist, who will monitor the patient's vital functions during the entire intervention.

The conscious sedation arose to provide the greatest comfort during the longest and most delicate treatments, as well as an option for those patients with "fear of the dentist" to break the phobic vicious circle. All the treatments can be performed under conscious sedation in order to provide confidence in these patients or in any patient requesting it.

Your satisfaction, the most important thing

All the professionals that form the team of Bahillo Dental Polyclinic have the main goal of getting patient´s satisfaction. This success is achieved, in addition to a good treatment, with a good work dealing with patients.

If you need a visit to the dentist but you are afraid of it, please do not hesitate and come to Bahillo Dental Polyclinic. In our facilities you will feel cared for by professionals at all times.

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